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Franchise Information Guide

We at Body Graphics appreciate your interest in temporary tattooing. It has come a long way since the lick and stick era of the past. Today's temporary tattoos use high quality graphic art and apply perfectly every time. After almost a decade of experience we feel we can offer you the very best supplies and service to meet any needs that you might have in all areas of this interesting and extremely lucrative business. Body Graphics has developed versatile franchise systems that are customizable for both the retail and the parlour type markets. We use interchangeable display sheets that can be displayed in a Body Graphics hand made wooden display binder for retail convenience or set up for viewing using  your own creative style in a parlour situation. No matter what clientele or demographic your business is aiming toward, our substitutable sheets let you hit your target dead on. 

     As a new franchisee your company (especially companies pursuing the parlour market) will benefit from your creativity and imagination as well as following some hints and strategies we've picked up along the way.
The following lists are some hints, strategies, and guidelines we recommend you try or consider with your operation. We understand that every situation is unique and hope that the path you take is enjoyable and successful one: 

1.  Professionalism and Integrity.

  1. Take pride in the fact that you are providing the highest quality merchandise in your field.
  2. Always be friendly and polite to your customers.
  3. Keep your work space neat and clean during and after you do business.
  4. Dress appropriately for the situation.

2.  Venues

  1. Fairs
  2. Carnivals
  3. Outdoor Concerts
  4. Festivals
  5. Street Bazaars
  6. Flea Markets
  7. Resorts
  8. Night Clubs
  9. Beaches
  10. Malls

3. Set Up

  1. Make sure that your set up has the best location for visibility.
  2. Keep your display flash well lit, without ruining the ambience of your application area.
  3. Arrange your display flash so that they are neat and symmetrical.
  4. If using more than one set of display flash, make sure that they are arranged in identical  order to avoid confusion.
  5. If display flash are on a wall, keep "male" type tattoos higher, and "female" type tattoos lower. (Guys are usually taller).
  6. Easy access to your area is important.
  7. Never corral your customers into an area they feel threatened entering.
  8. Araised set up area is often a good idea.
  9. The area should have enough room to let the people feel comfortable and relaxed to look at your tattoos.
  10. I cannot stress enough how important it is to keep a fun positive "party" type atmosphere at all times. (It is contagious).
  11. Lighting candles creates a mysterious, laid back ambience in some situations.
  12. Keep things not related to tattooing away from your work area.  e.g.: ash trays, empty glasses.
  13. It can be helpful to have two tables in your work area; this allows you to keep more organized.  Keep your tattoos away from any water or drinks.
  14. Always keep a garbage container available for your napkins and other waste.

4.  Customers

  1. Having fun and being pleasant to your customers will have an extremely positive effect on your operation and increase repeat business.
  2. Usually females make up a larger percentage of your customers, but they buy less expensive tattoos. Deal with this information in your marketing strategies.
  3. Tattoos have different significance to each wearer. To some it's cool, to some trendy, to some self expressive, so some a test for a real tattoo and to others just something crazy to do. Remember to think of these things when answering questions.
  4. Applying a tattoo on someone can create a degree of intimacy, so use discretion.
  5. The customer is always right, but you are the expert, so don't hesitate in taking charge.

5. Application

  1. Your application instructions give a good general description of application technique, but you will find as you get more experienced, that you pick up lots of little tricks that will make you a temporary tattoo application pro. (Wow, what a claim to fame).
  2. The less hair that the tattoo is applied onto,  the better it will adhere.  Using a razor will sometimes be appropriate.
  3. Shaved skin will increase the longevity of the tattoo.
  4. It is extremely important to apply a tattoo to skin when the body is in a relaxed position. e.g.: don't apply to flexed biceps
  5. Most tattoos look best when facing towards the centre of the body. e.g.: The profile of a head should look inwards, not backwards
  6. Long thin tattoos look better on long thin body parts. e.g.: Daggers on arms and forearms
  7. Rounded tattoos look better on more rounded parts.  e.g.: Peace signs on the back of your hands
  8. Curved tattoos look better on curves. e.g.: Roses on breasts
  9. Darker tattoos look better on lighter skin.
  10. Brighter tattoos look best on darker skin.

6. Operation

  1. Learn all the order numbers for your designs. It really helps your organization.
  2. Keep well stocked. It's just one less thing to worry about.
  3. Do not wait until you are all out before reordering. Learn to anticipate.
  4. Wearing tattoos is a great way to promote and show off the quality.
  5. A good sign is one of the most important parts of your operation. You may want to have more than one different size and style available for different venues. The sign that you use should be bright and colourful and be as large and visible as possible.
  6. Airbrushed signs with grommets are one recommended choice.
  7. You may want to choose a theme for your operation. e.g.: Oriental or pirates
  8. Don't be afraid to hire staff and expand.
  9. At certain venues coupons can be very effective, but remember, don't leave too many around, it devalues them. 

      Being part of the temporary tattoo industry can not only be a very lucrative investment, but it may also prove to be one of the most interesting and fun jobs you will ever have.  So if you think you might have what it takes, we strongly urge you to give it your best shot and we promise you that we will do all that is in our power to help you succeed. 


     Todd Kelly 



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